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Gopherlabs is an Independed Community that helps you to learn golang no matter your beginner or advance level .

Gopherlabs is open source collabrative learning & community driven platfrom to bring all go developer together to share knowledge across the world.

NOTE: This is a work-in-progress, anybody can contribute or add there resources to this site. Join Gopherlabs Community on Discord with one-click

Meetup/Event/Workshop: Gopherlabs is not just learning platform but itself non profitable open source community which give platform for Golang Developer , Maintainer to "show and tell" at events and meetups

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Core Values

Community first.

This is a community driven project. We love you, and respect you. We are here to help you learn, help you grow, and help you succeed. If you have an idea, please share it.

Developer empathy.

We are all software engineers, and we all work in many different code bases. We want the code to be stable, and approachable. We strive for clean and simple software, and we encourage refactoring and fixing technical debt.

Opportunity to learn Grow

helping hands for each other to grow & collabrate

Practical Learning

we focus more of pratical & collabrating learning no matter your beginner or expert

Cloud Native Go

we highly recommend and support cloud native projects and library

How is Gopherlabs different?

  1. we welcome everyone .
  2. We are 100% Non Profitable
  3. We support newbie and students , colleges/ university
  4. anybody use this resources or copy and re-distribute for community purpose Not For Sale
  5. We take Sponsership(Not Money)
  6. We are community driven
  7. We are looking for volunteer/ community leaders .
  8. we are looking for translater who can recreate content and share with their community
  9. All Open Source Projects Welcome .
  10. Built-on Golang.
  11. By community, for community .

Team Behind Gopherlabs Community

Sangam Biradar
Sangam Biradar

Sangam is working as Technical Advocate ,Tenable | Docker Community Leader Award Winner 2020 , Packt Author Okteto / Traefik Ambassador , Kubedaily & CloudNativeFolks Community

Thanks to all the contributors ❤️

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