Resolving the user home directory

  • It could be beneficial for the program to know the user’s home directory, for example, in case you need to store a custom user configuration or any other data related to the user. This recipe will describe how you can find out the current user’s home directory.

Create the home.go file with the following content:

        package main

        import (

        func main() {
          usr, err := user.Current()
          if err != nil {
          fmt.Println("The user home directory: " + usr.HomeDir)

output ```sangam:golang-daily sangam$ go run home.go The user home directory: /Users/sangam sangam:golang-daily sangam$


How it works…

  • The os/user package contains the Current function, which provides the os.User type pointer. The User contains the HomeDir property, which contains the path of the current user’s home directory.