variadic function

What is variadic function?

variadic function is simple function which accepts many arguments.and those arguments store parameter as slicen type.

func f(elem ...Type) 

A typical syntax of a variadic function looks like above. … operator called as pack operator instructs go to store all arguments of type Type in elem parameter. With this syntax, go creates elem variable of the type []Type which is a slice. Hence, all arguments passed to this function is stored in a elem slice.

package main

import "fmt"

func getMultiples(factor int, args []int {
	multiples := make([]int, len(args))

	for index, val := range args {
		multiples[index] = val * factor

	return multiples

func main() {
	s := []int{10, 20, 30}

	// get multiples of 2, pass parameters from slice using `unpack` operator
	mult1 := getMultiples(2, s...)

	// get multiples of 3
	mult2 := getMultiples(3, 1, 2, 3, 4)


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in the above program func getMultiples(factor int, args []int { this is variadic fuction with two types variable in which one is factor with data type int and another is ( unpack operator ) which means n number of parameters.

mult1 and mult2 is two shore declartion variable which execute getmultiples variadic function and first argument is factor