getting file information

If you need to discover basic information about the accessed file, Go’s standard library provides a way on how you can do this. This recipe shows how you can access this information.

Create the sample test.file with the content This is test file

Create the fileinfo.go file with the following content:

        package main

        import (

        func main() {

          f, err := os.Open("test.file")
          if err != nil {
          fi, err := f.Stat()
          if err != nil {

          fmt.Printf("File name: %v\n", fi.Name())
          fmt.Printf("Is Directory: %t\n", fi.IsDir())
          fmt.Printf("Size: %d\n", fi.Size())
          fmt.Printf("Mode: %v\n", fi.Mode())



sangam:golang-daily sangam$ go run fileinfo.go 
File name: test.file
Is Directory: false
Size: 18
Mode: -rw-r--r--
sangam:golang-daily sangam$ 

How it works…

The os.File type provides access to the FileInfo type via the Stat method. The FileInfo struct contains all the basic information about the file.